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DadBoner - Fri Feb 17 2012

12:28 PM #
Ann rang. Said she's "concerned" about my behavior and maybe I should see a therapist. I'M not concerned, so why would I see one? Stupid.

12:35 PM #
Ann says she's been goin to therapy to deal with the divorce. She must be goin' bonkers missin' my touch. Wonder if the kids are in danger?

12:38 PM #
When someone says they're "concerned" about you, it probably just means they're jealous of how hard you rock and can't stand your mad swag..

12:43 PM #
Never believed in therapy. Heard the Sciencetologists use it to make people reverse gay. It's wrong to stop folks from struttin their stuff.

12:47 PM #
The only therapist I talk to is Dr. Cold One, M.D. No appointment needed, you guys.