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DadBoner - Sat Feb 18 2012

12:38 PM #
Great. Guess Ann called my bro Al with her "concerned about me" bullcrap. SHE'S the one in therapy like some kook. Not me. Really steamed.

01:00 PM #
If Ann wants to play hardball in the divorce, you can call me Batman. Just like that black teacher guy who beat up those kids for justice.

01:02 PM #
If Ann tells any more people that I'm losin' my marbles, she's gonna be drivin' around with a smashed windshield. That's a fact.

01:05 PM #
I'd never lay a hand on a woman. Not my style. But I'll destroy some property if I technically own it. It's legal and fair.

01:06 PM #
Heard they let that Chris Brown buffoon still perform at the Grammy's even though he smacked around that babe. Real shame. No class.

01:08 PM #
The only type of justice for guys who hit women is street justice. Plain & simple. Men have to stand up for the ladies. It's a carnal duty.

01:12 PM #
If I could get my mitts on that Chris Brown piece of trash, I'd crush his face. Put him in the hospital for a few days on behalf of the USA.

01:16 PM #
How has none of the rapper "gangsters" given Chris Brown an ass kickin? They ain't real men I guess. Hope I see him on the streets sometime.

01:19 PM #
Alotta times, when guys hate women, it's 'cause they hate themselves 'cause they like guys but don't wanna admit it. Like Chris Brown.

01:21 PM #
Hope someone beats the livin' hell outta Chris Brown before he comes out, 'cause then it's wrong to do. Gotta be tolerant, you guys.