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DadBoner - Mon Feb 20 2012

01:26 PM #
I feel like I drank a thousand beers last night, you guys.

01:34 PM #
The prez gives us the day off today for drinkin' on behalf of the USA. Usin' it for errands or some crap is real disrespectful.

01:54 PM #
Makin' up a batch of Top Shelf 'Mericaritas. Bold Mexico flavors, born free attitude. Perfect for USA amigos.

02:09 PM #
If your boss makes you go to work today, it's pretty much like takin' a big leak on all the president's graves or faces if they're not dead.

05:26 PM #
On about our 6th pitcher of 'Mericaritas. Ran outta marg stuff. They're just Jim Beam & Squirt now. Gotta keep the celebraish rockin'!

05:30 PM #
Jim Beam & Squirt is the perfect way to say, "Hey, WE'RE America, and if you don't like it you can smooch us where the sun don't shine."

05:32 PM #
Jim Bean & Squirt; it's the 'Mericarita. Smuggle some into your house today. No hot & dirty van necessary.

07:41 PM #
Dave jsut said he's prbably better at basketball than me, he's stupid gonna wanna punch is faec!