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DadBoner - Tue Feb 21 2012

10:28 AM #
Hurtin' real bad today. President's day was a rough one. I bet Barry O. just wants to die. He probably went hardest for the celebraish.

10:40 AM #
Feelin' REAL bad. Jim Beam & Squirt was goin' down too smooth. Slept on the kitchen floor. Neck's all pinched up. Hard to move and think.

10:47 AM #
Forgot today was Fat Tuesday. Didn't wear beads or get paczkis. Really blew it. It's only once a year! Hate missin out. Need to be involved.

10:49 AM #
Sick of this. I'm just too busy these days to remember every holiday. Work didn't even remind us on Friday. They're so inconsiderate.

10:51 AM #
Screw it. Goin out for beads, paczki's, and a trunk liquor Slurpee. I'm pretty much the #1 partier at work. Gotta be responsible, you guys.

07:46 PM #
Can't stop barfing. Feel so weak, you guys.