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DadBoner - Wed Feb 22 2012

09:48 AM #
Over did it yesterday. Drank 6 Slurpees with trunk liquor in the 7-11 parking lot. Fat Tuesday is all about showin respect to New Orleans.

09:50 AM #
7-11 didn't have any paczki's, so I just loaded up on GO-GO Taquitos. They're full of meat, cheese, and awesome. Musta ate a thousand.

09:58 AM #
Couldn't find beads, but I told some babes they could try on my chain for a sec in exchange for a beefer flash. Said no. Too cold I guess.

10:04 AM #
Couldn't go back to work. Barfed in 7-11 goin for my 7th Slurp. Destroyed the nacho department. Was asked to leave. Was leavin anyway, Tito!

10:08 AM #
Spent all night pukin my guts out. It's a Fat Tuesday tradish to honor the French Quarter which is basically a toilet/bar. Real convenient.

10:13 AM #
Gotta get back on track after the holidays. Goin for salad & SIX mango habs for Wing Weds lunch. Alpha males sense when it's time to bod up.

05:40 PM #
Went to BW3's 'cause I go their for Wing Wednesday. It's a special day I made up to help get me through the week with a little...

05:42 PM #
...push. That's when I found out it was National Marg Day. I've been a Top Shelf Marg man from way back, so I had to get it on. Guess...

05:44 PM #
...I had too many 'cause I woke up in my car at B-Dubs with it running. Missed another half day of work. Gotta figure some things out.

05:45 PM #'s just not fair how many holidays have been lately. I gotta try harder. It's too much stress. But I can't miss out. I just feel...

05:46 PM # I'm losin' my grip. Gotta hold on kitty cat. Gotta write to remember. Cold ones to forget. Gonna kickass tomorrow. Get in shape.

05:49 PM #
The works, full spread. Makin' another batch of Margs. Important. I can do it if I set my mind to the celebraish. So bold, bold flavors...

05:49 PM #
, you guys.