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DadBoner - Thu Feb 23 2012

09:44 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

09:54 AM #
Got up early today. Took a 45 minute shower nap. Combines sleepin in with gettin up & at 'em. If you take a whizz too it's triple tasking.

10:01 AM #
Got really inspired by that oriental hoops player. Guess he came outta nowhere from bein a deliver driver or something. Who knows?

10:07 AM #
They gotta make a movie about Jeremy Rin. Have Jackie Chan play him with Chris Tucker as his bozo buddy. Could be hilarious WITH a message.

10:10 AM #
I'd sure like to see a corncob like Kobe start crap with Jeremy Rin on the court. He show 'em some kung fu moves from the Chinatown streets.

10:15 AM #
Who knows what other orientals are out there with sports talents? Gotta be open minded. Remember when blacks couldn't play baseball? So sad.

10:17 AM #
My son plays most of his sports on Nintendo. Wonder if that's where Jeremy Rin got his smooth moves? Could be the next training craze.

10:19 AM #
Ken says it's Jeremy "Lin," not "Rin." I TOLD Dave he was wrong about how to pronounce it. Been sayin it all day. Feel like a racist jerk.