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DadBoner - Sat Feb 25 2012

04:09 PM #
Really hurtin. Stayed at Paddy's late fishin for babes with my new Van Halen cd. No bites. Don't understand. Are babes not into VH anymore?

04:13 PM #
Was readin the Van Halen cd jacket in the 'Bring eatin my Filet O Fish. Got tartar sauce all over it. Pretty steamed. Might say somethin.

04:15 PM #
How am I supposed to get a babe topless with a Van Halen cd covered in tartar sauce?! Kinda looks creepy. Mickey D's should be more careful.

04:19 PM #
Van Halen cd WITHOUT tartar sauce on it = Mad swag, carnal passions, Chest Beefer City, USA. Covered in tartar sauce = Desperate & lonely.

04:29 PM #
Gonna go back to Best Buy. Get a new Van Halen cd WITHOUT tartar sauce all over it. See if Mickey D's'll pay for it. Kinda their fault.