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DadBoner - Sun Feb 26 2012

02:07 PM #
Got pretty outta control last night. Some babes tricked me into gettin out my peener. Played it cool. They laughed but humor turns babes on.

02:09 PM #
The babes told me to make a "bad boy pose" with my peener out and took a picture. I'm not professional model, but I did my best.

02:18 PM #
Hope my peener pose pics don't get out. Don't wanna be known as the town playboy. I try to keep a classy vibe.

02:24 PM #
If babes are takin pics of your peener, you're either doin somethin real right, or doin somethin real wrong. It's all perspective, you guys.

07:38 PM #
Dave wants to watch The Oscars. We own Bad Boys II on DVD, Dave. Why would we watch that crap?

07:40 PM #
Gonna put on the Oscars for a sec...yuck, gross babes. Who cares. Puttin' in Bad Boys II.

07:44 PM #
If you own Bad Boys II on DVD, and you still have to sit through the Oscars, your gal must really have your sack nailed down, you guys.