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DadBoner - Mon Feb 27 2012

10:54 AM #
Goin back to Mickey D's today. Had to buy a second Van Halen cd to replace the one I got tartar sauce on. Gonna file a complaint.

02:33 PM #
Really gave Mickey D's a piece of my mind. Told the manager they ruined my Van Halen cd jacket by over tartaring. It's a bold flavor foul.

02:36 PM #
Told the Mickey D's manager I needed reimbursement for the other Van Halen cd I had to buy, pronto. And NOT in clown money.

02:37 PM #
Mickey D's should be careful. If a coffee spill gave 'em hub bub in the rags, just think what a tartar sauce incident could do in USA Today.

02:40 PM #
Don't think the Mickey D's manager understood how important my Van Halen cd is to carnal passions of the evening. Must be a solo specialist.

02:43 PM #
That Mickey D's manager wouldn't know a power move if Diamond Dave spin kicked it in his face. So I told him that. Straight up. No mixer.

02:45 PM #
Told the manager at Mickey D's if he sees any peener pics on the computer, it just might be yours truly, courtesy of a CLEAN Van Halen cd.

02:54 PM #
Told that corncob how a defective lock on the ladies made rockin caboose walk in on my backdoor McGriddle fallout. He just stared at me.

02:56 PM #
Got so steamed. Told him I'd be back on Friday for 2 for 3 FOF's out of respect for the Big Man, and there better be Van Halen bread waitin.

03:05 PM #
If you manage a Mickey D's, chances are you don't know anything about power moves, Van Halen carnal passions, or peener pics, you guys.