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DadBoner - Tue Feb 28 2012

10:35 AM #
Guess Kid Rock is backin' up that Mitt Romney. Pretty much makes my choice a no brainer. Gotta stay informed, you guys.

10:39 AM #
I usually skip over the politics, but when Kid Rock throws his hand in the ring, you know somethin heavy is goin on.

10:44 AM #
Guess Mitt is goin head to head with that Rick Santorum guy. Hear he's a corncob. Just a hateful piece of trash.

10:46 AM #
Heard Rick Santorum had carnal passions with a dog to prove a point about gay people. Don't think he understands how love works.

10:49 AM #
'Course, I can't turn my back on the soul man Barry O. Seems racist. Guess I'll just decide if I make it out to the polls this year.

10:52 AM #
Doin' some research on Rick Santorum. Whoa. Seems like he just hates anything that isn't white or Jesus. Definitely not a bold flavor man.

10:53 AM #
I guess Rick Santorum is against abortion 'cause anyone who'd vote for him shoulda been one, you guys.

11:08 AM #
Just wish they'd get on with a Springsteen/Seger party ticket so the USA could finally rock as one, forever and ever.