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DadBoner - Wed Feb 29 2012

10:33 AM #
Had Mickey D's for breffest. Really stared the manager down. You gotta let people know problems don't go away just 'cause they ignore 'em.

10:37 AM #
Woke Dave up for Mickey D's. He said "Breakfast is for old people & little kids." So is not havin a job and pickin your butt all day, Dave.

10:40 AM #
Guess Mitt won the mitten. Love me some Barry O., but it'd sure be sweet to see Kid Rock performin in the oval office.

10:41 AM #
If Mitt Romey is pals with Kid Rock, and Kid Rock is pals with Guy Fieri, maybe Guy could be Secretary of Bold Flavors? That'd be so money.

10:44 AM #
Goin back to Mickey D's again tomorrow. Give the manager the "gimme moolah or I'll cut your throat" sign. Come Friday, he'll fork it over.

10:55 AM #
Gonna grunt out a McGriddle premie to make room for Mango Habs. Shouldn't be a problem. McGriddles usually make a mad dash for the backdoor.

12:27 PM #
If a presidential candidate really wants to win, don't promise lower taxes, promise Mickey D's breffest all day. Landslide, you guys.