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DadBoner - Fri Mar 02 2012

11:53 AM #
Got it made, got it made, got it made...I'm Hot for Friday! Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

11:56 AM #
Went to Mickey D's for a couple Filet O Fishes and revenge. Guess the manager wasn't in with my check. Ate 'em at the counter. Power move.

11:59 AM #
Sure, Mickey D's is known for good times and great taste, but the clown needs to know I'm known for street justice and mad swag.

12:05 PM #
I'm an Army of One. A solo grassroots organization that delivers bad boy flavors to big wig punks who mess around. Think Segal said that?

12:07 PM #
Probably stop back at Mickey D's for street justice later. Gonna want a few more FOFs anyway. Gotta take advantage of the Lenten savings.

01:38 PM #
Heard Men's Health is tryin to take down Chili's for their bold flavors. What do you expect from guy mag with only naked dudes on the cover?

01:46 PM #
Men's Health is pretty much secret Playboy for guys with carnal desires for guys. Hope someday we can all be more open minded & tolerant.

01:51 PM #
Men's Health should keep their nose outta the bold flavor lifestyle and just stick to reviewin yogurt, salad, & young fellas' beach bodies.