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DadBoner - Sun Mar 04 2012

11:46 AM #
If you put anything in a mug, it's basically a breffest drink. Like Crown Royal, rums, or other booze. Keeps it classy.

11:59 AM #
If you wake up hungover, crank some Seger, and drink 4 ice cold ones, you reach the "God Moment", and anything is possible, you guys.

12:28 PM #
Damnit, I'm a man! I SAID I'M A MAN!

12:32 PM #
Anyone who could write Feel Like A Number, damn sure would get my vote. That's the take charge attitude this country needs. Bob Seger, USA.

12:34 PM #
Ever REALLY listen to the lyrics to Roll Me Away? That song's about America. Gives you pride. I'm goin to the bar. Feelin GOOD.