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DadBoner - Mon Mar 05 2012

01:30 PM #
Really hurtin' today. Things got kinda outta control at the pad last night after my Seger Sunday Celebraish bar crawl.

01:35 PM #
Guess I challenged Dave to "Iron Chef: Pizza Rolls." He wouldn't get off he couch to respect my challenge. Got pretty steamed.

01:37 PM #
When a man throws down a challenge to another man, you have to accept. It's the code of the streets. Like in Tombstone.

01:44 PM #
Told Dave, if you don't accept this "Iron Chef: Pizza Rolls" challenge, I'll call your dad and tell him what a panty waste his son is.

01:46 PM #
Then I remembered Dave's Dad is dead. Dave ran into his room with the waterworks. Think he must have some buried issues. Ha! (sorry)

01:49 PM #
Made up a couple Pizza Roll Omelettes. Thought it'd cheer Dave up. It's an omelette with real pizza taste. Bold flavors. Off the chain.

01:54 PM #
Dave never came out of his room, so I ate 2 6 egg Pizza Roll Omelettes myself. Havin some issues today. Mostly in the john.

02:07 PM #
Ann called. Said we were supposed to meet with her lawyer this morning. Said she emailed me. Who checks email EVERY day?! So unreliable.

02:09 PM #
Told Ann, even if I DID get her email, that I've got a sad pal on my hands, AND a backdoor Pizza Roll Omelette problem. She's inconsiderate.

02:14 PM #
I don't live by an "email" schedule, Ann. For me, "life" happens. And I'm on that highway all night long, you guys.

08:44 PM #
Guess Dave's still got the blues about his dead dad. He never really dealt with it. Glad I brought it up. Good to get stuff out in the open.

08:48 PM #
When someone dies, you can't just hold in your grief. Waitin too long makes you look like a weirdo. Gotta take advantage right away.

08:54 PM #
I'm not gonna spring for "I'm sorry" 'za & cold ones for Dave's dead dad NOW. That ship's sailed, kimosabe. Death is forever, not sympathy.

09:04 PM #
I mean, when Dave's dad died, I took some work off right away. Didn't even know him either. I'm a go getter when it comes to showin respect.

09:28 PM #
Dave's hummin "Eagles Wings" while makin' a PB&J with end crust pieces. Might be the saddest thing I've ever seen. I'm hittin the sack.