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DadBoner - Tue Mar 06 2012

01:05 PM #
Ann called. Says we have to meet with her lawyer again on Thursday. She sounds desperate. Anything for attention I guess.

01:49 PM #
Really lookin' forward to St. Patty's day, you guys.

02:05 PM #
Always wanted one of those countdown to St. Patty's clocks. Never seen one in stores though. They should sell em through a limited tv offer.

02:17 PM #
Whether you're goin through death, divorce, or a plain ol kick in the sack, St. Patty's can pretty much fix anything. Should be once a week!

02:49 PM #
St. Patty's Day, Filet O Fish Fridays, Shamrock, if you stick a gun in your mouth in March, you must really have some problems.

03:01 PM #
Gotta go all out this year. Really make it a St. Patty's celebraish to remember. It's on a Saturday! Couldn't've planned it better myself.

03:08 PM #
Nosey Lady just asked if I was cryin. No, I'M JUST SUPER PUMPED FOR ST, PATTY'S. Idiot. (Told her I had divorce problems.)

03:19 PM #
I'm takin' off. Gotta hit Mickey D's. That manager's supposed to be there. He BETTER have my Van Halen cd money. Time is UP!