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DadBoner - Wed Mar 07 2012

12:16 PM #
Went into Mickey D's last night for a showdown with the manager over my Van Halen cd reimbursement. Had to get it on.

12:18 PM #
The manager said, "I'm sorry, but my hands are tied. My super said spills on your stuff aren't our responsibility." Tried to play hardball.

12:23 PM #
Told the manager, "I'm your huckleberry, and that's just my game." Acted like he didn't know what I meant. Went in the john to regroup.

12:26 PM #
Called the Mickey D's from the john. Asked to speak to the manager as, "Mr. Welzein's attorney." They said he was "busy." He was not!

12:59 PM #
Dropped a massive BM of frustration (NO flush) & came out to give the manager a real smack down. Guess he went on break, so I left a note...

01:00 PM #
...on a Mickey D's napkin: "Watch your back, kimosabe." Power. Move.

02:10 PM #
Threatenin somebody in person is fine, but a handwritten, anonymous, "WATCH YOUR BACK, KIMOSABE" note'll bring terror for days, you guys,