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DadBoner - Fri Mar 09 2012

01:02 PM #
F.R.-IDAY IN THE USA! F.R.-IDAY IN THE USA! F.R.-IDAY IN THE USA! YEAH-YEAAAHH! Friday in the U.S.A!!! Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

01:48 PM #
Really draggin' today. Went pretty heavy on BL 'Nums last night. They go down so smooth, you guys.

01:53 PM #
BL 'Nums is like street animal sauce for folks with a roof over their head. Gets you homeless drunk, but with a touch of class.

02:03 PM #
If Anheuser Busch put King Cobra in a blue 12 oz bottle and called it "Platinum," white folks'd buy that too. Incognito bold soul taste.

03:00 PM #
Drinkin ain't about race or carnal preferences. It brings the USA together. All colors and gay people are equal in Cold One City, USA.

04:51 PM #
Stopped at Mickey D's for a couple F O F's. Didn't say a word to the manager but, "You're no daisy.You're not a daisy at all." & walked out.

04:51 PM #
Power moves.

04:54 PM #
If some corncob does you dirty, just let 'em know: "Rock N Roll Never Forgets," you guys.

06:03 PM #
Gonna make it a low style & profile weekend. Gotta plot & scheme for St. Patty's.