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DadBoner - Sun Mar 11 2012

03:08 AM #
Jusr dirty deed done dir t cheeap. Ha! Mannso good to poewer move eith my bro Al.

07:43 PM #
Really hurtin', you guys. Pretty much slept the whole day. Got the BL 'Nums blues. Must be why the bottle's that color.

07:46 PM #
Sure, BL 'Nums take you to the top of the mountain, but the next day, it's a Demon Drop to your own personal hell.

07:50 PM #
Beer company's should do ads where half is in Cold One One City, USA, and the rest shows a guy clutchin a blanket, talkin to the Big Man.

07:52 PM #
Guess Al came to hangout 'cause Ann was worried about me. Wait'll she hears how well I'm doin. She'll feel so stupid.

07:55 PM #
Al was gone when I woke up. Probably had to get back to the ol' ball & chain. Sure don't miss those days. Such a hassle. Gotta do MY thing.

08:06 PM #
Don't remember much about last night except for smashin a toilet we found on the side of the road. Real satisfyin. So loud. Always rocks.

08:08 PM #
If you do somethin' that might be looked at as "illegal," just make sure you have Midnight Rider cued up for getaway music. You'll be fine.

08:11 PM #
Probably wouldn't be much need for "therapy" if everyone got to pick up a porcelain toilet and smash it to hell on concrete once in awhile.

08:14 PM #
If you do somethin destructive that doesn't hurt anybody else, don't see why that's a problem, you guys. Like smashin a toilet to hell.

08:17 PM #
When your power moves are on point, you gotta live above the law, you guys.