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DadBoner - Wed Mar 14 2012

11:42 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys. Took down a dozen Mango Habs and a couple cold ones. Really hit the spot.

11:46 AM #
Feel like people at work are givin me looks cause of my Maui Jims. I'M grievin! There's no rule bout how long you leave on your sad shades.

11:58 AM #
When I die, man, I want everyone to wear sunglasses for a year, and kick up the celebraish forever and ever. The works. Full spread.

12:09 PM #
If someone dies and you don't take advantage to look cool and get some r&r, it was a life wasted. Gotta be respectful.

12:24 PM #
Folks are still goin on about Whitney dyin cause she was a singer. I heard Peanut sing Big Ol Butt a few times. He deserves at least a week.