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DadBoner - Fri Mar 16 2012

11:05 AM #
Tonight there's gonna be a Friday, somewhere in the town. Tonight there's gonna be a Friday, you'll wanna be around.

11:06 AM #
Happy Friday to ya, you guys!

11:16 AM #
Alotta corncobs say St. Paddy's is all about U2. It's cool if you're a babe, but real bad boys know to turn up the Thin Lizzy, loud & proud.

11:19 AM #
Cowboy Song is a song about America by an Irish band that buries anything that Bono weirdo could crap out on his best day, you guys.

11:31 AM #
"Roll me over and turn me around, let me keep spinnin' 'til I hit the ground." Put THAT on MY tombstone. SO PUMPED FOR ST. PADDY'S YOU GUYS!

11:58 AM #
Can't believe we have to work today. So much plannin to do. Gonna go for another Shamrock Shake. Add my own "spices." Ha! (special recipe)

12:01 PM #
When you've got trunk liquor, and Mickey D's sells Shamrock Shakes, you don't have to be Albert Einstein to do the math, you guys.

03:00 PM #
Was talkin hoops with Ken, eatin my 5pm Friday Filet O Fishes #s 3 & 4. Nosey Lady said, "Wow Karl. You really like those? Kinda bland."

03:05 PM #
So mad at Nosey Lady. Wanted to choke her out. Was a little buzzed from my Jaymo Rockshake so I just got up and went home. So steamed.

03:07 PM #

03:11 PM #
Hurts my feelins when people have to take the fun out of things. Filet O Fishes make me happy. Is that a crime? Does that make me stupid?

03:18 PM #
Didn't have much when I was a kid. Filet O Fishes on Friday were a big treat. Guess I'm just a simple guy, tryin to hold on to the real USA.

03:21 PM #
Guess Filet O Fish don't have the boldest flavors, but when I was a kid, they ran Flavortown during the lenten celebraish. Best I could do.

03:28 PM #
If someone holds somethin near & dear to their heart that don't hurt nobody, and you dont like it, just keep your trap shut & hate yourself.

09:02 PM #
Takin down a few Irish Car Bombs with Dave. Gotta do a taste test. Get it just right for tomorrow. Better hit the sack soon.

09:07 PM #
Guess Dave invited Crazy Cooter over for the St. Paddy's celebraish kickoff in the mornin. Idiot. Dave's always tryin to be a big shot.

09:14 PM #
Crazy Cooter's pretty cool sometimes, unless he gets too hot on the white lady. Maybe's he's chilled out? People can change I guess.

09:15 PM #
Told Dave to just make sure Crazy Cooter brings a dish to pass and some cold ones. I'm not feedin the whole neighborhood.

09:17 PM #
Man, these Car Bombs are goin' down so smooth, you guys. Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now.