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DadBoner - Mon Mar 19 2012

01:26 PM #
Really draggin' today. Can't focus. They should give us the day off to recoup after a major holiday. So disrespectful to our Mick brothers.

01:30 PM #
Tryin to piece together the St. Paddy's celebraish. It's kinda blurry. Been blackin out lately. Must be stress. Maybe I need more vitamin c?

01:37 PM #
Was flyin high from the Jaymo Rockshake and a few Guiness when Crazy Cooter came by wearin on a green tux tee. No sleeves. Pretty cool.

01:39 PM #
Crazy Cooter took my Shamrock Shake cup and just filled it with Jaymo. Said, "I don't need no fag shake part." Think he missed the point.

01:43 PM #
Dave said, "Yeah, me and Cooter don't need no bitch shakes!" Then tried to pound Jaymo out the bottle and spit it up in the sink. Wasteful.

01:46 PM #
Dave always tries to showoff when Crazy Cooter's around. Makes me so steamed. Everyone knows I'm pretty much the man anyway.

01:49 PM #
I had to keep up with Crazy Cooter. Didn't want to look stupid. Challenged him to a 4 shot & a corned beef sandwich off. Piled high.

01:52 PM #
Anyone can do a drinkin contest, but a real man adds in some bold eats. How they used to do it on the high seas. Read that once I think.

01:55 PM #
Cooter took 2 bites of his sandwich and threw it at the wall. Said it was all gristle. Told him no way. My corned beef is ALWAYS tender.

02:10 PM #
Dave picked up Cooter's sandwich and threw it off the deck. Hit one of the neighbor's kids on their big wheel. Started cryin and ran inside.

02:14 PM #
Guess the kid told on us, 'cause some guy came to the door askin who threw the sandwich at his kid's face. Cooter said, "Suck it, assf*uck."

02:18 PM #
The kid's Dad started wailin on the door sayin he was gonna call the cops. Decided we should probably go to 'Bee's after he left.

02:31 PM #
If you're ever takin heat from the fuzz, it's best to wait it out at 'Bee's. Nothin bad can happen in the sanctity of The Neighborhood.

02:34 PM #
'Bee's was pretty rockin'. Guess I blacked out there. Was pretty stressed from Crazy Cooter's bad language. Think my card is still there.

03:29 PM #
Last thing I remember from St. Paddy's was Crazy Cooter screamin at some babe, "Gimme all ya got! Gimme all ya got!" Think he has a problem.

03:47 PM #
Saw that neighbor guy whose kid got pelted in the face with the corned beef sammy. Hope he's not steamed. Might have to have a guy to guy.

03:49 PM #
When you crush a little kid off a big wheel with a sammy in the face, best to make it right by givin his old man a few cold ones.

03:57 PM #
Might give Crazy Cooter a ring. Think it'd be best if me, him & Dave all went over to make amends with the sammy face dad. It's a gesture.