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DadBoner - Wed Mar 21 2012

01:09 PM #
Woke up in the BW3's lot after lunch. Great day to take a snooze with the top down, full o' lunch cold ones & wings. Just paradise, really.

01:11 PM #
Face is kinda burnt. Had on my Maui Jims though so I kinda have that Guy Fieri look goin on. And, Guy's always on point with style.

01:13 PM #
Wonder if that's how Guy gets his signature face burn? Always shovelin' in bold flavors then passin' out in the 'Maro? His life is SO money.

01:23 PM #
People keep askin why my face is burnt. Told em, "It's stress related, cause my FRIEND died like a week or whatever ago!" Shut em down.

01:31 PM #
If anyone gives ya crap about anything, just keep bringin up the last person ya knew that died. They won't care. They're dead, you guys.

01:50 PM #
Never got to the big apology last night. Crazy Cooter just came over, pounded the "we're sorry," PREMIUM sixer and split. Gotta reschedule.