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DadBoner - Thu Mar 22 2012

01:00 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

02:14 PM #
Had Crazy Cooter over last night to go apologize for hittin the neighbor's kid in the face with the beef sammy. No one was home though.

02:16 PM #
Crazy Cooter lit up a "fat J" and started tellin some tall tale about the one time he started a Faygo wet t-shirt contest at an ICP concert.

02:19 PM #
Never heard ICP's music. They look pretty wild though. Like Guy Fieri if he was comin to murder you in a Triple D nightmare from hell.

02:23 PM #
Crazy Cooter said he was sprayin Rock n Rye on all the babes chest beefers and everyone was chantin' his name. Sounds pretty far fetched.

02:26 PM #
Dave thinks it's true. Like he's ever been involved in a wet tee situaish. If anyone should be soakin down chest beefers, it's Captain Karl.

02:31 PM #
Crazy Cooter said the ICP babes also like when you spit on their "bombs" Sounds disrespectful. They must have low self esteem. Pretty sad.

02:33 PM #
Just 'cause you're soakin down a babe's thick n juicies in a wet tee situaish, don't mean you should act like an animal about it, you guys.

06:40 PM #
Waitin for the State game to be over so we can head to the neighbor's for the big PREMIUM sixer apology. I got 50 bucks on State with Ken.

06:47 PM #
Man, this isn't good. 50 smackers, you guys. Maybe they can still pull it out? Poundin some good luck cold ones.

06:48 PM #
Oh no...

06:49 PM #
Such a nightmare...

06:50 PM #

06:50 PM #

06:50 PM #