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DadBoner - Fri Mar 23 2012

11:27 AM #
Really hurtin' today. Feel like I drank a thousand beers last night, you guys.

11:30 AM #
Was pretty down in the dumps after the State loss. 50 smackers down the drain is massive kick in the guy taters. Tryin to avoid Ken.

11:34 AM #
When you lose a bet, you gotta put off payin it. Lots of "don't have it on me" and "lost my checkbook." Make 'em feel bad for askin.

11:36 AM #
When you lose a bet, but the other guy feels bad for takin' the money. You actually win 'cause they can't enjoy it. Power move.

11:41 AM #
Got arena rock fuzzed before goin over for the big I'm Sorry with Crazy Coot & Dave to the neighbors. Wanted to be loose and conversational.

11:43 AM #
Only had 2 PREMIUM cold ones left, so we filled the sixer with 3 Busch heavies and a Capri Sun. A variety pack gift is more thoughtful.

11:47 AM #
Had to knock on the door for about 10 minutes. Crazy Cooter got steamed and started to kick it, screaming, "HEY, WE'RE SORRY MOTHERF*CKERS!"

11:51 AM #
Told Crazy Cooter to calm down and keep it classy. Got out his peener and took a leak on the door. Thought it was inappropriate.

11:53 AM #
Dave said he had to run home and grunt a quick #2. That's just code for hittin the bricks like a coward. Brothers pinch it in a time of war.

12:00 PM #
The neighbor guy finally came out. Looked pretty steamed. Started screamin, "What's wrong with you! Is that piss?!" Guess we woke him up.

12:04 PM #
Coot handed him the sixer and said, "Sorry Dave crushed your kid's face with a sandwich. He was a real fag." Was actually pretty nice.

12:07 PM #
Told him that "fag" wasn't cool to say. Cooter said, "you a fag?" Told him I was all man. Winked at the neighbor guy. Can't have rumors.

12:10 PM #
Neighbor guy said he had to go to bed. Coot put his foot in the door. Said, "It's polite to SHARE the "I'm sorry" cold ones, assf*ck."

12:12 PM #
I'd seen Crazy Cooter like this before. Like the time we wouldn't do coke with him and he destroyed his house. It's not good.

12:14 PM #
Coot tried to barge his way in. Once he starts blinkin hard and suckin air through his dead tooth angry smile, you know it's time to leave.

12:16 PM #
Neighbor guy threw the sixer and hit Cooter in the head, then slammed the door. Really wished I split with Dave to grunt out a BM.

12:18 PM #
Cooter started punchin the door, split his hand open pretty bad. Picked up a couple cold ones and went down to his Grand Am. Started...

12:20 PM #
...kicking in his own tail lights. Guess he has a problem with people not sharing.

12:21 PM #
Went back to the pad and locked the door. Could hear Cooter scream MF's for about 15 more minutes, then peel out. Hope he got home ok.

12:25 PM #
Dave asked what happened. Told him it was cool & he was forgiven. Think it went ok. Sometimes an apology is just about the kind gesture.

01:06 PM #
Gonna go crush a couple afternoon Filet O Fishes in the john. Catch a quick toilet nap. It's important to stay healthy and rested, you guys.