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DadBoner - Sun Mar 25 2012

02:47 PM #
Can't find my 'rang anywhere. Real P.O'd. It's kinda sentimental. Think it's vintage Claire's.

03:35 PM #
Ordered up the $10 Dinner Box from The Hut. Comes with frosting. Tried some on the 'Za. Not sure if that's what it's for. Might be European?

03:40 PM #
Was feelin kinda down about my 'rang bein lost. 'Za & frosting might just be what the doctor ordered. Wonder if Guy Fieri knows about it?

03:43 PM #
I know The Hut isn't a diner, drive in, or dive, but when a place is doin' frosting dippins for 'za, man you just gotta check it out.

03:46 PM #
Dave says the frosting is for the cinnamon sticks, not the 'za. He has no vision. And that's why, no, he CAN'T have a slice.

04:49 PM #
Not feelin' so hot, you guys.