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DadBoner - Tue Mar 27 2012

10:42 AM #
Think my 'rrhea cleared up. Guess I ate too much pizza & frosting. But, what bold flavors don't kill you, makes you stronger, you guys.

10:47 AM #
Still steamed at Arb's. Now that I'm up on my feet off the toilet, might have to give 'em a piece. Someone has to stop their mind pollution.

10:54 AM #
Might have to reach out to The Hut too. They should put a warning on their $10 Box about givin you 2 day 'rrhea from a 'za & frosting combo.

11:04 AM #
If the FDA wants to put nutrition info on fast food, why can't they just speak in plain english; WARNING: THE HUT MAY CAUSE 2 DAY 'RRHEA.

04:19 PM #
Word is, Ken's throwin a bash for the semifinals on Saturday. Kinda bummed. Didn't get an invite. Maybe 'cause I owe him the 50?

04:21 PM #
Maybe Ken is just waitin' for the right time to ask me to his pad? Probably wants to make it special. $50 is nothin' between pals.

04:24 PM #
Gonna play it cool tomorrow and pay off $25 of the 50 smackers. Tell him I'll get him the rest on the weekend. Let him catch my drift.

04:27 PM #
Can't just ASK to be invited to a celebraish. Gotta hint around with lots of "So what's up for the weekend?" and "Got plans?" Play it cool.

04:34 PM #
Ken might just be intimidated to invite the Bad Boy Party King to his bash. Worried I'll judge. I won't, but I'll sentence it to rock! Ha!