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DadBoner - Wed Mar 28 2012

12:58 PM #
Gave Ken the 25, told him I'd get him back on the weekend. Asked him if he had "plans." Gave him a wink like I was in the know.

12:59 PM #
Ken said, "probably just watch hoops with a few friends, you?" Just said, "oh hell yeah." It's guy to guy code for, "I'm down."

01:01 PM #
Ken probably knows it's weird to invite another guy to a celebraish. A real party down bad boy is always everywhere at all times, you guys.

08:16 PM #
Came home & thought Dave was readin Time magazine. Didn't know they still made that? Corncobs just put it on the coffee table to look smart.

08:18 PM #
Dave said, don't I look smart? Readin Time like a big time politics man? I said, no, you look like a beanbag who never heard of tv news.

08:20 PM #
Noticed Dave's Time had some rockin chest beefers peakin out. Thought, whoa, Time really deserves another shot. At least for in the john.

08:21 PM #
Dave said, it's my new invention. Worked on it all day. It's a Time cover I stole from the mail over a Penthouse. I call it, the Timehouse.

08:23 PM #
Timehouse is the best idea Dave's ever had. Sizes are a little different, but I've been doin some x-acto trimmin for 3 hours. Looks good!

08:28 PM #
In these troubled times, let the politicians cover up YOUR dirty deeds with Timehouse. All biz outside, carnal passions "under the covers."

08:31 PM #
I'm a Penthouse man from way back. But I'm sick of the looks for readin PH on the go or at work. Timehouse gives me the freedom I deserve.

08:33 PM #
Let's be honest, people only read Time to show off or at the dentist when that's all they got. With Timehouse, you're always in good taste.

08:36 PM #
Told Dave we should start makin Timehouses and sellin 'em for big bucks. Erotic, yet intelligent. That's a Timehouse man.

08:39 PM #
Might go sneak in the shed at Ann's for my secret stash of vintage Penthouses. Get a start on the Timehouse project. Could be big bucks.

08:43 PM #
What kinda guy's guy would buy REGULAR Time magazine when you can get Time with Penthouse innards?! Man, you'd look so stupid.

08:46 PM #
Kinda bombed on 'Nums. Gonna call Ann to have her check if the Penthouses are still in the shed. Can't risk the drive if it's not important.

09:48 PM #
Musta called Ann 8 or a dozen or so times. Left voicemails. Told her all about the Timehouse biz plan. Wouldn't answer. Really steamed.

09:51 PM #
If your ex can't answer a 12am phone call about where your old Penthouse mags are, THERE'S the answer for why you split up, you guys.