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DadBoner - Thu Mar 29 2012

11:42 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

12:07 PM #
Really into the Timehouse lifestyle. Looks like I'm stayin' informed at work, but I'm researchin' romantic eroticisms in private good taste.

12:09 PM #
Stole a few more Time mags from the mail. Made a few more Timehouses before bed with my extra Penthouses. Puttin some in the john.

12:12 PM #
If there's one thing you can steal from the mail that no one's gonna give a crap about, it's Time magazine. But Penthouse? That's a crime.

12:15 PM #
Ann called. Said I left 45 minutes of messages last night about "some Penthouse Magazine emergency" and that she didn't appreciate it.

12:31 PM #
Ann doesn't know biz. When an idea strikes to combine Time and Penthouse into the groundbreaking publication of the century, you jump on it.

12:35 PM #
Might have to bring a few copies of Timehouse over to Ken's for the hoops celebraish. Maybe get some subscribers?

01:19 PM #
Ann called AGAIN. Said she needs to "stress the importance of NOT callin latenight about stuff like Penthouse." Says she didn't sleep well.

01:27 PM #
Ann said her day's ruined cause I interrupted her sleep. What'd she have to do? Lay around and watch Lifetime? Sounds like Lifewaste to me.

01:33 PM #
Sure I left 45 min of messages in the middle of the night, but I'm at work! She shouldn't interrupt me. I'm tryin to read Timehouse here.

01:41 PM #
Told Ann, "sorry I'm changing the future while you're stuck in the past." Really crushed her. Power move.

01:49 PM #
Don't know why Ann listened to all 45 min of my messages. My point was pretty clear a few minutes in. She must be lonely for the Captain.

02:19 PM #
When an ex-babe sees you moved on to premium success and she's left in the ditch, it's time to style & profile like never before, you guys.

07:38 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.