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DadBoner - Sat Mar 31 2012

10:06 AM #
Woke up in the middle of the night to take a 'Num BL (Big Leak.) Dave was all cranked on coffee, hoggin' down the Triscuits & Mayo.

10:07 AM #
Dave said he had an idea to expand the Timehouse empire. Told him I don't recall approving that. There was never a meeting.

10:13 AM #
Dave said he found a copy of Barely Legal in his "secret stash." Decided to take a Newsweek and make "Barely News." Sounds pretty low brow.

10:15 AM #
Barely Legal?! Dave might be into some weirdo crap. Hope he's not some sicko. Better keep an eye out. Don't like the sound of that.

10:17 AM #
Sure, I've seen a Club, Club International, Cherry, Swank. I'm a guy's guy. But they aren't my speed. I'm strictly a Penthouse man.

10:19 AM #
Penthouse maintains an aura of sophisticated carnal desires for the classy male in today's modern erotic world.

10:23 AM #
But Barely Legal? That's somethin you'd find by the train tracks on a mornin you don't remember how you got there or where your shoes are.

10:28 AM #
Timehouse's concept of intelligent eroticism for on the go or at work is just gonna to be watered down by Barely News. Dave's an idiot.

10:32 AM #
Dave wants me to try and sell Barely News subscripts at Ken's party. Told him it was more of a Timehouse crowd. I can't look stupid, Dave.

10:42 AM #
Gotta run to the store. Dave ate all the Triscuits & Mayo. It's my signature potluck dish. So simple, yet decadent. Always a crowd pleaser.