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DadBoner - Tue Apr 03 2012

01:17 PM #
Just checked my messages. There's 4 from Ann. 1) "Karl, did you come to the house, tell our SON to shut up, and throw up off the porch?!"

01:20 PM #
2) "I'm just shocked, SHOCKED, Karl. Have you lost your mind?! Totally unacceptable! Call me back please." Sounds like she misses me.

01:23 PM #
3) "Karl, it's Ann. I really think we should look into gettin you some help before you hurt yourself or someone else. Please call ok? Bye."

01:24 PM #
4) "Karl, I'm really worried about you. Please call me back and at least let me know you're alright." Sounds pretty desperate. Kinda sad.

01:39 PM #
Man, FOUR calls? "Worried about me?" Ann must really be achin' for my touch. She's just oozing with love hunger.

01:44 PM #
When a babe starts in with the, "we need to get you help," that's a sign that you're about to rock harder than ever before, you guys.