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DadBoner - Wed Apr 04 2012

12:06 PM #
Haven't really rapped with Ken since the big NCAA celebraish. Maybe he's playin' it cool like he parties like that all the time?

12:30 PM #
Ken just went in the john. Goin to hang. Nothin wrong with a guy to guy grunt n' convo. Next best thing to sittin on a deck with cold ones.

01:38 PM #
Posted up in the stall next to Ken. Said, "Whoa, somebody die in here?" Just some guy humor. He double flushed and left. Musta not heard me?

01:41 PM #
Wonder if Ken's steamed at me. Hope his wife didn't say somethin about havin a carnal fantasy about me & her. Hate to break up a happy home.

01:43 PM #
But, who could blame her? She's got rockin' chest beefers & long hair and I'm pretty much the total package. Desires would only be natural.

01:46 PM #
Might say somethin to Ken. Maybe I was a lil' TOO on point on Saturday. Tell him not to worry, I'll keep my hands off his wife's juice box.

01:58 PM #
No matter how thick n luscious your wife's hams are, I'll stay pig free, even if she's buffin a Trans Am with it. Just my policy, you guys.

11:27 PM #
Dave just woke up screamin', "PEANUT!" Had to calm him down. Never really dealt with it I guess. Dave could use some closure. He's weak.

11:31 PM #
Might have to have a "Peanut's Life / Adios on Death's Eternal Journey, celebraish. Ceremony style. Real classy, yet festive. Full spread.