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DadBoner - Thu Apr 05 2012

09:46 AM #
Super pumped for opening day, you guys. Bless you boys.

09:52 AM #
Takin' down the Verlander Taco Bell meal for luck, Captain Karl style. 3 Loco D'reets Supremes, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Mexi 'Za. No tomates.

09:54 AM #
Justin Verlander knows bold flavors.

10:02 AM #
Steamed we gotta work today. How's The D s'posed to get built back up if we're not supportin the Tigs? Should be gettin ripped at Comerica.

10:05 AM #
Baseball is our national pastime. Opening Day should be a holiday. Anyone who doesn't get that should just hit the bricks to China.

10:17 AM #
They should just move Easter to Opening Day so we can have it off. Maybe then people'd give a rat's crap about it. Easter's kinda worthless.

10:33 AM #
Never bought into that whole Jesus comin' back to life mumbo jumbo. Times were tough back then. He mighta just been takin' a long snooze.

10:37 AM #
Fact is, no one really knows what went down in Jesus times. And I don't need no book to tell me about my faith in the Big Man.

10:42 AM #
The Bible's just stories like those magic books my son reads. Years from now everyone could be prayin to Hogfarts or whatever that crap is.

10:56 AM #
If people'd just nice to each other instead of worryin' 'bout the Bible, the USA'd be an everyday celebraish. Liberty and cold ones for all.

11:00 AM #
Sick of this. Wanna choke somebody out for havin' work on Opening Day. Goin' to listen to the Tigs in the 'Bring. Fix me a trunk liquor.

11:00 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

01:50 PM #
Restore the Roar! Go Tigers! Somebody gimme an AWW HELL YEAH!

01:53 PM #
Got kinda rocked in the 'Bring listenin' to the Tigs. Nothin' wrong with a midday celebraish in the work parkin' lot. Thanks, trunk liquor.

01:55 PM #
If work won't give us Opening Day off, boozin' in my car in the parkin' lot is what I call a "compromise." Shows I made a respectful effort.

01:57 PM #
Gonna go find my main man Ken for a Motown fist bump. Super pumped. Still haven't rapped with him since last weekend. Gotta catch up.