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DadBoner - Tue Apr 10 2012

12:01 PM #
Forgot to go to work yesterday. Didn't even wake up 'til 6pm. Think my bod was just healin' up. It's natural. Gotta take care of yourself.

12:06 PM #
Called Barb's number a few times. Some guy keeps answerin'. Can't understand what he's sayin' but sounds pretty steamed. Might be a problem.

01:52 PM #
Looks like that Rick Santorum corncob hit the bricks, you guys. Good riddance, ya piece of trash.

02:14 PM #
Bet everyone from Kid Rock to the gays are are gonna do it up tonight. The works. Full spread. Might join in? A Suck It Santorum Celebraish!

08:28 PM #
BL 'Nums are goin' down so smooth for the Suck It Santorum Celebraish. Bet he's just sittin' around, feelin' like the load of the year. Ha!

08:34 PM #
Rick Santorum always used the Big Man as an excuse for sayin' his evil was for good. The Good Lord don't like that crap. He ain't stupid.