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DadBoner - Wed Apr 11 2012

02:22 PM #
Feelin' kinda down. Missed work on Monday, got my days mixed up. Forgot it was Wing Wednesday. Gotta be more responsible.

02:33 PM #
Had the Loco D'reets Box from the Bell. Only has ONE Loco D'reet, a Burreet Supreme (NO D'reets involved) & a REGULAR taco. Pretty steamed.

02:37 PM #
One Loco D'reet tac does not a Loco D'reets Box make, Taco Bell. Real disappointed. Why even get that? I'd just go ALL Loco D'reet Supremes!

02:41 PM #
Don't see why the Bell just can't smash up some D'reets and toss 'em in a Burreet Supreme. Bold flavors ain't a science project about Mars.

02:43 PM #
And why the crap is Taco Bell still makin' 'chos with regular chips when they got D'reets layin' around?! Makes me wanna punch a wall.

02:55 PM #
Taco Bell should just change its name to Dorito Bell and call it a day. D'reets on everything. They'd clean up. It's what America craves.

02:58 PM #
I mean, I had the idea first with Captain Karl's Pizza Ship for Cheetos on anything for an extra dollar. No one listened. Sick of this.

03:01 PM #
Maybe I should change the name to Captain Cheetos' Pizza Ship? Reach out to the honchos at Frito Lay? Could sweep the nation coast to coast.