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DadBoner - Thu Apr 12 2012

11:16 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

02:02 PM #
Spent a few hours on the horn in the john, tryin to rap at the Frito Lay honchos 'bout gettin' behind my Cheetos 'n 'Za idea. Big runaround.

02:04 PM #
Kinda panicked. If The Bell can make it big with D'reets & Tacs, man, Cheetos 'n 'Za has to be the next big sensation. I gotta lock it down.

02:07 PM #
Nosey Lady was all on my guy sack 'bout "where I was for 3 hrs?" IN THE JOHN ON THE HORN DOIN' BUSINESS! Bet the Fonz never took that crap.

02:09 PM #
Might have to reach out to Papa John's. If Papa J was in the house before, man, he'd burn it down with Cheetos as a topping, you guys.

02:11 PM #
"Better ingredients, better pizza, Cheetos on your 'za for a buck. Papa Johns." A Captain Karl/Papa John bold teamup could rock the world.