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DadBoner - Fri Apr 13 2012

12:42 PM #
Guess Bruce Springsteen rocked the Palace last night. I missed out. Didn't even hear about it. Really bummed. Don't know what to do.

12:54 PM #
Can't believe I missed The Boss. Feel shook up like I got a phone call 'bout a family member in the hospital, but way worse.

01:00 PM #
Read half this article and started to well up. I'm goin' in the john. Gotta think about what I'm doin' with my life.

01:03 PM #
This will forever be known as Dark Friday, The Day I Realized I Missed Out On The Boss Celebraish of A Lifetime. Hate myself, you guys.

02:28 PM #
Sick of this. Leavin' work. I was born in Cold One City, USA. And that's where I'm headed. The land of the free, you guys.

02:31 PM #
We all make mistakes sometimes. Enough to hate your own soul. But real men crack a cold one, crank up The Boss, and let the healing in.