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DadBoner - Sun Apr 15 2012

12:49 PM #
Just havin' a real fine Sunday. Tigs up 3-0. Sippin' Greyhounds for the Lord. America City, USA. Somebody gimme an AWE HELL YEAH!

12:55 PM #
When the Detroit Tigers are flyin' high? Man, cocktails just go down SO smooth. They're pretty much America's team. Bless you boys.

12:58 PM #
Nosey Lady kept sayin' I need to watch some Gang of Thrones show tonight. What's that about? 10 dudes takin' a hot dump at the same time?

01:01 PM #
Dave busted out the "Super Peener" last night. Turns out it's just where you peek out a nut to the side your undies. Pretty gross. No class.

01:07 PM #
Told Dave, you just can't go whippin out your guy sack. That's not a dance. It's a crime. Coulda got in big trouble.

01:21 PM #
If you're gonna show off your fuzzy chicken skin, just do it at home. That's always been my policy. Guy code.

01:23 PM #
Detroit, let's roll, you guys.

01:35 PM #
Some days, it's comfortin' to just wake up and know you're not in jail, gettin' carnal with a brother from the streets. Could be worse?

01:36 PM #
Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.

03:13 PM #
Still of the Night by Whitesnake. Karl 3:57 says I just whupped your ass, you guys.

03:14 PM #
And that's the bottom line, 'cause Stone Cold Karl Welzein said so.