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DadBoner - Mon Apr 16 2012

04:08 PM #
Was watchin' Triple D with Dave. He went for a leg lift. Said, "Let her rip!" BM'd his pants. Spent 30 minutes dry heavin' in the sink.

04:10 PM #
Dave locked himself in his room. Just heard him scream, "Karl, don't tell anyone about this!" Sounded threatening. Kinda concerned.

04:13 PM #
Dave's been actin' bonkers lately. Whippin' out his guy sack? Blowin' brown in his shorts? Kinda out of bounds.

04:16 PM #
Just heard Dave say, "I hate myself!" and then some crash. Might need some alone time? Gonna go outside now. Have a cig. Gotta be smart.

07:06 PM #
Dave said he wanted to go for a drive to cool off. He doesn't have a car! Idiot.

07:09 PM #
Dave just left his butt splattered undies in the john sink. So rank. He's such a grossout.

07:13 PM #
When you blow out your unders with a sneaky bm, a gentleman knows there's a fold & hide in the trash policy you adhere to. Show some class.

09:30 PM #
Wonder where Dave went?