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DadBoner - Wed Apr 18 2012

11:38 AM #
Dave finally came home with the 'Bring last night. Asked him where the hell he went? He said "the beach." WHAT BEACH?!

11:40 AM #
Told Dave he can't take my ride without askin. He said, "I told you I was goin' for a drive and you didn't say anything." That's not asking!

11:43 AM #
Dave said, "don't worry, I'm cooled off now. Thanks to the beach." What kinda psycho lies about goin' to the beach for no reason?!

11:47 AM #
Dave said he's stressed 'cause he thinks he has intestine problems like Brock Lesnar. He's an MMA fighter. You just have diarrhea, idiot.

11:50 AM #
And I KNOW Dave didn't go to the beach, 'cause my car is full of Wendy's wrappers and farts, not sand and lake breezes.

11:54 AM #
Told Dave, guy to guy, he doesn't have to make up excuses for me to like him. Friendship has no limit on how many times you mess your pants.

12:15 PM #
Might have to go on a health kick. Maybe team up with Dave, buddy system style. Show him the ropes to Beach Bod City, USA.

03:50 PM #
Told Dave 'bout my plan for us to super team-up and double hardbody dominate this summer. Said he's in. This is gonna rock.

05:49 PM #
Dave asked if we could have a little pre-hardbody celebraish tonight? For sure! Papa J's, Loco D'Reets, chips & dip. The works. Full spread.