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DadBoner - Sun Apr 22 2012

12:43 PM #
Havin' a really relaxin' Sunday. Watchin' the Tigs. Couple BL 'Nums. Better Mades & Dean's French Onion. Don't get much better, you guys.

01:12 PM #
Pretty sure Papa Grande is a bold flavor man from way back. Would love some of his latino heat tips. Muy caliente.

01:26 PM #
Wonder if Papa Grande turned Verlander onto his pre-game meal at the Bell? Probably showed him the ropes, mexicali style.

01:29 PM #
Things are really heatin' up in extra innings. Gonna do some shots of Crown with Dave. Crank up the excitement. Gotta take advantage.

01:38 PM #
Dave's face is still all stained with his Sharpie ICP Bozo mask. Ha! Can't wash it off. Go Tigers! Such a great day. Livin' the dream!

01:39 PM #
No! Goddamnit!!!

01:52 PM #
Sick of this. Can't have nothin'.

03:27 PM #
Headin' to Crown Royal City, USA. Hear it's nice and quiet there. You just take it easy, and the world never bites back.

09:13 PM #
Real deep in the Crown. Dave said wrestling is at theJoe tomorrow night. Buyin' tickets. Screwq it. We're goin'. Pretty drunk who cares.

09:15 PM #
Man this is agonna be such a blast. Dave said ist Monday RawNight and it's the best. My treat. man, we earned this. hope stone cold isthere!