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DadBoner - Wed Apr 25 2012

10:31 AM #
Had a real guy to guy with Dave last night. Told him, "Stranding a pal in Detroit overnight 'cause you have BM tortures is not an excuse."

10:33 AM #
"I coulda been murdered, guy raped, beaten with a chain, anything really. Just hold in your explosion or find a handicrapper for privacy."

10:35 AM #
"If you ever leave me for dead in Detroit again, we can't be pals anymore. It's the code of the streets. Dig it, kimosabe?"

10:37 AM #
Dave said, "But I didn't know where you went!" I said, "Yes you did Dave. Yes you did." HE left, not ME. I'm not stupid. I was passed out.

10:39 AM #
Dave thought about it, tears welled up, and he said, "Thanks for buyin' us wrestling tickets, Karl." We had a guy code hug. Felt special.

10:42 AM #
Dave's kinda like my sidekick I guess. Sure, he's a bag of crap, but it lets me shine, so he's doin' his job. Gotta respect that.

10:53 AM #
Forgiveness to your brothers is the ultimate power move, you guys. Lotta problems in the USA right now. Gotta stand strong together.