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DadBoner - Thu Apr 26 2012

11:10 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:53 AM #
Ann called. Said we should sit down with the kids this weekend and talk about our upcoming divorce. Must be some crap a book told her to do.

12:01 PM #
Ann's so inconsiderate. I could have weekend plans. I can't just drop everything to discuss a divorce that the kids have nothin' to do with.

12:03 PM #
Ann says I should come by the house on Saturday, have the talk there so the kids feel safe. What about MY needs? I feel safe at Chili's.

12:07 PM #
And why would I even do what Ann says anyway? We're gettin' divorced. It's over. She can't ground me or anything.

12:10 PM #
What "divorce" discussion are we havin' with the kids anyway? How they were so lame and ruined things? They blew it, not me.

12:13 PM #
If that's how Ann wants to play, fine. We'll talk. Tell the kids how they had pretty much the #1 Dad in the USA, but now they can suck it.

12:22 PM #
If your family doesn't like you, screw 'em. Blood might be thicker than water, but an ice cold beer tastes best, and never lets me down.