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DadBoner - Wed May 02 2012

12:02 PM #
Split outta work early yesterday to stock up on BL Margs. Kroger said they didn't have 'em. Got pretty steamed.

12:08 PM #
Told the manager at Kroger, "What do you mean ya don't have BL Margs? Is your grocery buyer racist? It's almost the Cinco!" Got in his face.

12:10 PM #
Manager said, "I'm sorry sir, I've never heard of BL Margs, but we can put you on a list?" A list?! That's just a runaround. I KNOW.

12:12 PM #
Said, "Listen buddy, alot of proud Mexicans might be down here any second, stabbin' anything that moves, if you don't get BL Margs, pronto!"

12:18 PM #
Violence isn't the answer, but when you disrespect USA Mexicans after their long struggle, it's a casual solution. -Julio Cesar Chavez

12:23 PM #
He "politely asked me to leave." I said, "OK, but good luck when a guy named Tito has a blade in your face 'cause you don't have BL Margs."

12:26 PM #
Cinco de Mayo is the time of year when we join hands with the Mexican people and give thanks for their kicked up bold flavors, you guys.

12:31 PM #
Miss when Kroger used to be Kessel's. Man, Al Kessel sure knew great value. He was a bold flavor pioneer. Al woulda had BL Margs ON SPECIAL.

12:33 PM #
"At Kessel's, we're with you." Really takes me back, you guys.