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DadBoner - Sat May 05 2012

11:56 AM #
Cinco Celebraish, 2012. Let's roll, you guys.

11:58 AM #
Took the afternoon off work yesterday. Felt bummed about MCA. Told Nosey Lady I had "guy pains." She wouldn't understand about the B-Boys.

12:00 PM #
The B-Boys are some of the hardest partiers in the history of the USA and anywhere else really. Wish we could hung out back in the day.

12:03 PM #
The B-Boys understood that raunchy guy humor was ok if it was part of a celebraish. And they had a celebraish everyday. Ha! So money.

12:05 PM #
Was pretty upset. Decided to really focus on the BL Marg situaish. Had to get it on. These colors don't run, you guys. Even for the Cinco.

12:07 PM #
As far as I'm concerned, the Cinco is all about the Red, White, Blue, AND Green, you guys. Bet they even look the other way at the border.

12:15 PM #
Went to Subway. Asked that Tito who gives me looks for ranch on my meatball subs, "Dónde están los MARGS BL. 5 dólares?" Played it cool.

12:18 PM #
Acted like he didn't know what I was talkin about. Figured he didn't wanna get it on at work. Told him to meet me out back. He never showed.

12:23 PM #
Was pretty stressed. Went home for a stink & think. If you clear out your body, you clear out your mind, you guys. Some religion said that.

12:31 PM #
Had a through the john door guy to guy with Dave. Said we might not have BL Margs for the Cinco. Dave said Lime-A-Reet's? Already had em.

12:33 PM #
Almost fell off the pot. Scream/grunted, "YOU HAD BL MARGS?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?! I'VE BEEN BUSTIN' MY ASS FOR THE CINCO!"

12:40 PM #
Dave said he took a date to the Whigville party store & drank a few in the parking lot. The date is a lie, probably just Cooter, but...

12:45 PM #
Couldn't grunt out that premie fast enough. Only time I wished I had a bigger b-hole. Hit it with a wet wipe & Duke Boys'd to the 'Bring.

12:49 PM #
Got me 6 12-packs of BL Margs. They're small, but 8% bold flavor. Already took down a 12 with Dave. Good thing I stocked up. So smooth.

12:53 PM #
Dave said Cooter has the line on a celebraish with a guy named Tony D. He's Mexican and everything. Might have to head over. Show respect.

01:00 PM #
On the Cinco, it's ok to just show up at any Mexican's celebraish. They're for everyone. It's a white & brown team-up tradition, you guys.