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DadBoner - Mon May 07 2012

12:52 PM #
Man, what a weekend. Really draggin', but it was worth it. For Mexicans, Bob Seger, the USA, everyone really. Such a blast.

01:34 PM #
Asked Ken if his Cinco rocked. He said, "Oh, Cinco de Mayo? Nothin' special. Grilled some dogs I guess." Wonder if Ken is racist?

01:41 PM #
Told Ken about how I puked mescal, Tony D screamin Bad Co. in my face and Sally's beefers. Said he had to be somewhere and walked away.

01:43 PM #
Wonder if Ken hates the Cinco or Mexicans for some reason? Who walks away when a story is just gettin to the chest beefer part?

01:48 PM #
If you're havin' a guy to guy with me about a babe's smokin' chest beefers, the only appointment I have to be at is listening, you guys.

02:16 PM #
When you're talkin' 'bout a piled high caboose and a full rack of lady ribs, color should never be an issue. That's always been my policy.