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DadBoner - Wed May 09 2012

01:27 PM #
Think I figured out what Dave's "date towel" that I used to dry off after the shower is for. Pretty upset. Gonna bury it deep, deep down.

02:13 PM #
If you can't escape a harsh reality, it's best to just create another one, preferably in a universe where you drink trunk liquor at work.

03:16 PM #
Goin home. Hope Dave's not on a "date." Such a grossout. Nothin worse than needin to BM when the john is occupied for solo carnal passions.

05:43 PM #
Told Dave we need to have a guy to guy. Made up a batch of my mac & cheese. I add some Lawry's & a few slices of American. (special recipe)

05:45 PM #
Dave goes pretty bonkers for my Captain Karl's Mac, so I doubled the recipe by usin' 2 boxes. That means there's twice as much. So money.

05:49 PM #
Let Dave know that I'm not 100% positive what his "date towel" is for, and really don't want to. Regardless, it should stay in his room.

05:52 PM #
Dave started in with, "But, it's for dates! And sometimes I need dates in other..." Took his mac away. Said, "No Dave. No." Shut him down.

05:56 PM #
Told Dave, "I don't know what a 'date towel' is, but I rubbed it all over my nude body, and now I don't feel clean. So please...

05:58 PM #
...,keep it in your room. I had to drink away the horror possibilities in my car this afternoon, and you know how I take my job seriously.

05:59 PM #
You want this mac? 'Cause it'll go RIGHT IN THE TRASH!" Dave went under the couch and got his "date towel" and put it his room. Seemed sad.

06:14 PM #
If you're gonna have a guy to guy about stoppage of possible common area solo carnal passions, best to do it over mac 'n cheese, you guys.

06:18 PM #
Wonder if Dave is lonely? The babes pretty much just head my way, but maybe we should go tag team cruisin'? Get Dave a taste of the action?