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DadBoner - Thu May 10 2012

12:56 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

07:18 PM #
Told Dave, Friday night, it's just me & him, rockin' into the night on a babe hunt. Fred Bear style. Just babes though, not killin' animals.

07:31 PM #
Dave asked to borrow some 'logne. (Had to hide my Tim McGraw after he used up the last bottle for john freshnin') Says he's out of "Tester."

07:33 PM #
Asked Dave what "Tester" was. Said it's his signature scent. Showed me an empty bottle of Polo with a "Tester" sticker. Idiot.

07:38 PM #
Asked Dave if he 5 fingered the "Tester?!" Said, "It's a big sample. There's no limit on samples. Had to take advantage." Pretty good point.

08:55 PM #
BL 'Nums are goin down SO smooth. Told Dave I gotta hit the sack but he wants to plot & scheme more for the babe hunt. Gotta be encouraging.

08:58 PM #
When a pal comes out and admits he needs help in the carnal passions department, that's when Cold One City stays open after hours, you guys.