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DadBoner - Fri May 11 2012

11:42 AM #
I'll be your nonstop lover, get it while you can. Your nonstop miracle, I'm your man. Get outta my dreams, get into my Friday, you guys.

11:49 AM #
Found a Billy Ocean greatest hits CD Dave said he got from BMG years ago. Never opened it! Rocked it in 'Bring this morning. So good.

11:55 AM #
If you wake up and wish you died in your sleep so you could get some extra rest, just put the top down and let the Billy Ocean in, you guys.

12:00 PM #
Billy Ocean was a true soul brother who brought a sensual party vibe that lends itself a celebraish or just wantin to die alone in your car.

12:10 PM #
Most of these r&b buffoons today couldn't shine Billy Ocean's shoes. Buncha garbage that no one'll like next month, let alone in 20 years.

12:14 PM #
The only job the USA should allow Chris Brown to have is takin' Billy Ocean's garbage to the curb for 50 cents and a mustard sandwich.

02:23 PM #
Gotta hit the bricks early. Got the big babe hunt tonight with Dave. Gonna prime the pump with some BL 'Nums to be loose and conversational.

02:27 PM #
Feel bad for Dave. Really opened up to me. Said he craves a babe's touch and can't wait to "grab some snatch." Gotta discuss that with him.

02:32 PM #
Dave asked how many babes I've made it carnal with. Told him, A real bad boy doesn't combine math and romance. He's too busy gettin' it on.