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DadBoner - Mon May 14 2012

12:20 PM #
Went kinda bonkers last night. Called Ann once or twice. Don't think I said anything too bad though. She probably liked the attention.

12:38 PM #
Really hurtin'. Drank almost a whole bottle of 'Bu last night. Hard to keep track 'cause of the white bottle. There should be a warning.

12:45 PM #
Liquor bottles gotta be clear, not white Especially when it goes down as smooth as the 'Bu. You have no idea know how much you drank!

01:41 PM #
Gonna go take a snooze in the john. Sometimes a nice cold seat on the guy cheeks is just what the Dr. ordered.

03:35 PM #
Just came out of the john. Nosey Lady was the only one still at work. Had to cover up where I was. Muttered, "blacked out from guy pains."

03:37 PM #
Nosey Lady said, "Karl, if you're blacking out from internal pain, maybe you should see a doctor." Yeah, Dr. Cold One, MD. Idiot.

03:40 PM #
So rude to say someone should see a doctor. What would Nosey do if I told her to she see a doctor for a prescription of "shut the hell up?"

03:43 PM #
There's no cure for "guy pains" anyway. I know because it's a problem I made up. Just shows you how stupid Nosey Lady is. What a sow.