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DadBoner - Wed May 16 2012

11:45 AM #
Really hurtin' today, you guys. If your job treats you like garbage, you might as well be hungover. I save "feelin' good" for my days off.

11:48 AM #
Cuttin' someone's pay is basically just sayin': "Please start doing as little work as possible and maybe steal some crap here and there."

11:53 AM #
It's not "stealin" if you're takin from some big wigs who screwed the little guy for their stuff in the first place. It's more "takin back."

12:12 PM #
Never use a sick day to be "sick" from work. "Sick" is the perfect excuse to get pity and do nothing. "Sick days" are for baseball games.

12:14 PM #
Only had 6 Mango Habs for lunch today. Gotta tighten the belt in these troubled times. Plus, I wanna look lean and mean for Ann tomorrow.

01:07 PM #
Gonna go do some 'shups in the john. Gotta be 100% in the health zone for tomorrow. Ann'll flip when she sees how my beach bod is on point.